Are you hosting an event in the next 90 days? ElluminateHER is the resource hub for Event producers and hosts who want to create transformational experiences that are both impactful and profitable.

Download the Conversion Toolbox and receive 3 resources that will help you market, sell and convert at your next event.

  • Sell Out Your Event With Organic Traffic:
    Authentic activities to sell tickets and connect with your audience.

  • Map Out Your Marketing Experience:
    Proven marketing tactics to attract new leads and keep your audience engaged from start to finish.

  • Cleared For Conversion Checklist:
    The ultimate guide to boosting your event's conversion rates, especially if you're introducing an offer or service.

Download the Personal Invite Blueprint to receive your step by step guide to invite your audience to your next event.

  • Invite with authenticity and ease.

  • Get a tracker to keep track of your invites.

  • Get scripts that you can personalize

  • Hear my personal invite that I use

Join Natisha Livingston for 4 months as she plans, markets and executes her virtual summit that she last hosted in 2020. If you want to know the behind the scenes know how of producing a transformational experience this opportunity is for you.

  • Exclusive Insider Knowledge
    From new logo design, to speaker selection, to the marketing plan you'll get full access to all the details of this summit.

  • Event Strategy
    Learn the "why" behind putting on a marketing experience.

  • Community Building
    Join a group of individuals who want to transform lives and make an impact.

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